More Ambulance Services Available

Combined emergency services are agencies that provide full emergency services and are found at universities, large colleges, and airports. The personnel for combined emergency service agencies are trained in ambulance care, peace officer services as well as firefighter services. Oftentimes they are located in smaller cities and towns due to budget or size not necessitating the services being separate. Combined emergency service offers multiple-functionality, which is a great way to make use of limited budgets and resources.


Oftentimes, industrial centers and big factories like an oil refinery, chemical plant, distillery, or brewery will have employers provide an ambulance service to protect their staff and their own interests. If there is an explosion or fire, company ambulance services are frequently used as first response vehicles. In some cases, the destination is in a different state, or over 200 miles away. Thankfully, there’s Air Medical Escort that offers long distance┬ámedical transportation services for patients and their family members.

Ambulance service

Charity ambulances are offered by a charity to take care of sick adults and children on a vacation or on a trip that is away from a hospice, care home, or hospital where they are receiving long term medical care.

Many hospitals may offer ambulance services to the community or when there is costly or unreliable ambulance service. Their ambulance service would become dependent on whether the providing hospital’s services are used as well.